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About us

Scan Filter in Eslöv manufactures coffee filters, baking cups and other baking products in environmentally friendly paper for retail, wholesale and industrial bakeries.

Our keys to success are genuine know-how, concern for the environment, flexibility in quick and secure deliveries and our own print shop for baking cup paper. Add to that a driving force to always improve ourselves and no mission ressembles another. The great challenge, and what drives us, is to succeed in meeting the high demands of our customers. Together we create new ideas and solutions. By being responsive and innovative we always try to exceed every expectation!

Tradition and innovation

Scan Filter is a family enterprise of proud traditions. With more than 30 years as a quality manufacturer of coffee filters and a history that incldes going from a successful, family-run business to being part of the Melitta Group, Scan Filter is now a family enterprise once again. In recent years we expanded our product line by adding baking cups to our assortment. After several years working with this product we are now poised to take the step into the world of industrial bakeries with its rigorous demands for hygiene and quality.

Our success lies in our innovative spirit and our constant ambition to renew and improve both our production and our products.

Scan Filter was the first company in Europe to manufacture unbleached coffee filters and we continue to be innovative in the environmental field. The need for environmentally friendly paper products with a customized profile is increasing - and many new and exciting products are in the pipe-line. Thanks to  extended cooperation with industrial bakeries, our new generation of baking cups is perfectly adapted to the rigorous demands of modern food industry for quality and hygiene.

Our motto is that no order is too small or too big.