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We take responsibility for our environment

Scan Filter has the ambition to always work in an environmentally friendly way and as far as possible use environmentally friendly raw material. Both coffee filters and baking cups are made of untreated paper of the highest quality.

Concern for the environment permeates all our activity. We are particularly proud of receiving the Nordic Swan label for our coffee filters, which shows that they fulfil the high environmental requirements.

All our work is characterized by the biological cycle – all the way from the little plant in the forest to the paper cup in which the cinnamon bun is served at the coffee shop. Our products are manufactured of raw material based on pulp from Swedish forests which are maintained and renewed with responsibility to ensure sustainable forestry. The Swedish raw material is not only part of a sustainable cycle, it is also 100 per cent renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Of course we also use renewable wind- and waterpowered electricity in our plants.

In accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2005 of the European Parliament, all inner and outer packages are tagged with a batch number. This ensures full traceability all the way from the production of our suppliers to our customers and to the shops.

All paper used in our production is approved and certified according to the demands of ISEGA. We do not add any chemicals, solvents or other foreign substances during manufacturing, other than heat. All our suppliers have documented that they adhere to the REACH regulations.

Forerunner of unbleached coffee filters

Scan filter was the first company in Europe to introduce unbleached coffee filters , an environmentally friendly product which became a great success. Very soon the demand increased enormously on other paper products as well, like toilet paper, copy paper, envelopes, nappies etc. to be chlorine-free. The Swedish paper industry responded quickly with a new environmentally friendly technique of bleaching paper. Read more about the revolutionary product from Eslöv here »