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Wide selection, many solutions!

Market leaders in coffee filters

Today we are market leaders in coffee filters in Sweden but we serve all of Northern Europe with our high quality filters. We have filters for all coffee machines on the market and in our range you find basket filters, cone filters and urn filters as well as filter rolls, flat filters and pyramid filters. We manufacture and sell coffee filters to all coffee makers on the market, to both wholesale and to the hotel and restaurant industry. All our filters carry the Nordic Swan label, which means they fulfil not only the high environmental requirements but also the demands for high quality and functionality. The products can be delivered in both white (TCF) and unbleached (UNBL) quality. See our entire range of coffee filters here »

  • Cone filters
  • Basket filters
  • Urn filters
  • Filter rolls
  • Flat filters
  • Pyramid filters

Market-oriented selection of baking cups

Since the beginning of the 2010's we also manufacture a wide selection of baking cups, for muffins, cup-cakes and candy in greaseproof paper for retail, catering and the baking industry. We also offer aluminium cups of very high quality in different sizes for cakes, buns and candy.  We print up to ten colors and offer a market-oriented selection of different sizes and print according to the requests of our customers. All our products are offered in consumer packages and with customized print on both baking cups and package, or in bulk to both wholesalers and the baking industry. We are very flexible and dedicated when it comes to customizing a solution according to specific demands of our customers. Shape, size, colour, design, thickness and text – it's up to you! See examples of our range of products here »

Doilies and hamburger paper

We also print doilies and hamburger paper for retail, catering services and industrial bakeries.