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Scan Filter will strive for a sustainable development, which implies concern for long-term environmental aspects as well as a balance between social and economic demands.

Scan Filter will develop and maintain a profitable, long-term durable and ethical business activity.

Scan Filter will interact with the environments where we work, with our staff, our associates and our society. Our business concept and our strategies will support good environmental work and social responsibility.

The activities of Scan Filter are conducted according to the following principles:

  • We act in compliance with the laws applicable in the countries in which we work.
  • Our ambition is to conduct our activities with good ethics and we will in all parts conduct legally correct business activities.
  • Our ambition is to conduct our activities in close consultation with our staff, our associates and with other agents having an impact on or being influenced by our activities.

Scan Filter is to be seen as a reliable and responsible enterprise, always living up to its commitments. Scan Filter has long-term business relations as a basis for  creating customer and shareholder value.

Social responsibility

The activities of Scan Filter are based on long-lasting and solid relations with staff, customers and suppliers. Our activities must be based on sound ethic values and deep respect for all individuals, within the company as well as during external contacts.

Environmental work

Environmental aspects are integrated in the activities of Scan Filter.

We strive for high efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources, favour systems for the reusing and recycling of material and energy and we prevent and limit pollution of the environment. We look upon the compliance with legal regulations as a minimum requirement.

Impact on the environment

Scan Filter will continuously work for diminishing the impact on the environment.