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Products with customized print/branding

Successful companies use design to give prominence to their brand in different contexts. In order to be competitive a company must create its own identity and make sure it will be seen. More and more companies realize the importance of colour, shape and images when communicating with their customers.

Our products with customized print offer our customers yet another means of branding their company. Using a well planned design with your own message on various paper products is a good way of becoming visible. We print on baking cups, muffin cases, doilies, hamburger paper and other paper products.

If you are in the baking industry you must of course make use of the baking cups to brand your company! It is hard to find a more favourable context to be seen in than cakes. Everyone must turn positively inclined by tasting a lovely cinnamon bun or a delicious muffin!

What is more – a pretty design will call attention to your cakes even more when they are presented for sale at the bakery. A pretty doily under a cake gives a professional impression. Muffins, buns and other cakes will present quite a different look when served in colourful cases.

The use of baking cups and doilies is hygienic and practical – for both vendor and buyer. The greaseproof paper cups protect the cakes and keep the dishes clean. They also keep the humidity of buns and muffins longer. Our doilies are also well suited under the pastry on display in the shop.

We are happy to help you with suggestions for colours, patterns, shapes and text styles. You can either choose one of our ready designs to match your company, ordesign your own unique product with a text of your own. Why not create a whole series of different cups to match each other?

"Mormors bageri" in Lund and Malmö, a company with a bakery and five shops, have created their own customized baking cups with a brand print. Their different cups follow a consistent idea, indicating that they belong together.

It is cheaper than expected to get a customized cup in a colour of your choice and with your own logotype. Contact us to find out more!