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Goals, visions and values

Our business concept is to manufacture and deliver environmentally friendly coffee filters, baking cups and other paper products of high quality related to coffee and baking to retailers, wholesalers and the baking industry.

Our vision is to always remain environmentally friendly, and as far as possible, work with environmentally friendly raw materials. Both our coffee filters and baking cups are made of highest quality raw material, based on Swedish paper pulp – and our coffee filters are approved for the Nordic Swan ecolabel. Our offices, factory and stock being all strategically placed in Eslöv, we achieve an efficient production and quick deliveries.

Our core values are competence (both technical knowledge and market expertise), concern, experience, a wide selection and flexibility. These are important guidelines permeating all we do today and tomorrow – a quality guarantee for excellent products and satisfied customers.


Environmental policy

Scan Filter’s objective is to continuously work to diminish impact on the environment.

We do this by:

  • following laws and other binding requirements.
  • implementing constant improvements and preventing pollution.
  • training and engaging all employees in our environmental work.
  • engaging suppliers and customers in our environmental work and following up to ensure our suppliers follow laws and other binding requirements.
  • working to decrease the use of energy on each production unit and using renewable wind- and water-powered electricity in our plants.
  • recycling all production waste and ensuring all other waste is separated at source.


We are of course ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certified