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Our history

Scan Filter was founded in 1980 by Jan and Rigi Hansson – then under the name Swed Filter.

As a successful consultant within the paper industry, Jan got the commission to start the manufacture of coffee filters in Lessebo, as a compensation for discontinued sawmills.

While the established manufacturers in Europe were not interested in sharing their knowledge with a pressumptive new competitor, Jan and Rigi first turned to Canada to learn more about coffee filter production before managing to sign a leasing agreement with a company in Switzerland, who manufactured both untreated paper and coffee filters. Swed Filter leased two machines and undertook to buy all raw material from this manufacturer.

Late on evening in January 1980, on the eve of the enterprise's launch in Lessebo, the commissioner announced that they would no longer support the project, leaving it up to Jan and Rigi to make Swed Filter, with its staff of five, viable on their own.

In the beginning Swed Filter produced coffee filters for the consumer market alone, but as soon as just one year after its start, the assortment was expanded to include basket filters for wholesale and the HoReCa industry. After a couple of years, Swed Filter outgrew the facilities in Lessebo and, after a few rounds of talks, an agreement was reached with the municipality of Eslöv, which offered to build the present premises. The company started its production on 1 April 1984 in Eslöv, and consequently celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014.  

Revolutionary product from Eslöv

During 1988 – 1989 the company became the first one to introduce unbleached coffee filters in Europe, overnight allowing Swed Filter to win pratically the entire Swedish market. This put so much pressure on other European manufacturers that they were all forced to switch chlorine-belached filter paper out for unbleached filters to remain competitive. 

When Greenpeace Canada discovered the environmentally friendly coffee filters from Sweden, export opened up to both Canada and the USA. In connection, demand increased enormously for other unbleached paper products as well, like toilet paper, copy paper, envelopes, nappies etc.  The Swedish paper industry responded by inventing a new environmentally friendly technique of bleaching paper with hydrogen peroxide, which is still used around the world today.  

From family enterprise to global group

When the company expanded, it terminated its agreement with the Swiss producer and developed its own filter machines. In the late 80's Swed Filter's team had grown to include about 20 employees and Jan' and Rigi's eldest son Peter joined the company, taking on the responsibility for basket filters. In the mid-90's their youngest son Jon followed suit to oversee stock and production, with their daughter My also comming aboard as Deputy Managing Director.

In the mid-90's Swed Filter received an offer from Melitta Haushaltsprodukte in Germany to buy the whole enterprise. Melitta bought 40 per cent of the enterprise in 2000. Two years later they bought the remaining 60 per cent. During this time Peter, My and Jon continued to work within the company; Peter as Administrator, Jon as Production Manager and My as Managing Director. Under Melitta's direction the company grew from 25 employees to just over 50.

In 2006 Melitta decided to move Swed Filter's volumes of consumer filters to their head office in Germany. However, the manufacture of basket, flat and urn filters was kept in Eslöv where Jon became Local Manager while Peter continued as Administrator and My chose to leave the field of coffee filters.

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur

Jon and Peter soon realized that they would prefer to run their own company and left Melitta in January 2007 to start their own production of coffee filters for wholesale and the HoReCa industry. At this point history repeated itself, because late one evening in January Jon and Peter were contacted by Melitta who wondered if they would like to buy back the remaining part of the enterprise in Eslöv. This is how Jon and Peter became the principal owners of Scan Filter AB on 1 July 2007 – Jan and My were passive owners.

At first, only coffee filters for catering were manufactured, but in the autumn of 2011, the production of baking cups was launched in Eslöv. The enterprise expanded and in 2012, My reentered the business as Managing Director for the family enterprise.


Today we have 20 employees and manufacture  coffee filters for wholesale and the HoReCa industry. Our baking cups are produced for retail, wholesale and industrial bakeries. We have our own print shop for the production of baking cups and we can help our clients customize the print of their choice.  Our excellent geographical situation in South of Sweden enables us to supply all of Scandinavia and Northern Europe with our quality products.